Welcome to Joe Sherman Racing! Joe Sherman has been involved with racing and high-performance engines for more than 40 years. Joe sells custom-built and crate engines, cylinder heads and performance parts. He also does custom cylinder head porting, flow-bench research and dynamometer testing.

Joe With Engine

We have more than 40 years experience in high performance and racing engine development. From assembly to dyno testing we offer a thorough, meticulously prepared product built with quality components and our own knuckle busted experience gained over the decades.

Joe Sherman Street and Crate engines have powered countless cars and street rods on the streets of America. His Race engines have been winning races at many tracks for over Four decades. Back in the early 1970's Joe was one of the first to install a 3.75" stroke crank out of a 400 into a 350 block creating the now popular 383 small block Chevy. It's this type of ingenuity that goes into every engine we build.

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Joe Sherman Racing won the inaugural 2002 Popular Hot Rodding Engine Masters Challenge by trumping 11 other small blocks with his 365-inch Chevy. Joe posted a peak horsepower of 613.3 and peak torque of 528.